the Wildflowers EP

by Landon Elliott and the Goods

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    Recordings by Landon Elliott the Goods.

    Photography by Daniel Barlow
    Design by Rachel Woolard
    CD Artwork by Skye Young

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released December 10, 2016

1. Dagger
2. Black Veins
3. Of Siren and Angels
4. Machine*
5. the Wildflowers**

Produced by Jacob Briggs and Landon Elliott
Recorded at River Wash Recording in Richmond, Virginia
Mixed by Jacob Briggs
Mastered by Marcello Pennell
Photography by Daniel Barlow
Design by Rachel Woolard and Skye Young

All songs written by Landon Elliott

Landon Elliott - Guitar / Vocals / Organ / Piano
Michael King - Lead Guitar
John Ware - Bass
Jacob Thornton - Drums and Percussion

*Lead Guitar / Bass provided by Landon Elliott on ‘Machine’
**Harmonica provided by Robin Smith on ‘the Wildflowers’



all rights reserved


Landon Elliott and the Goods Richmond, Virginia

Landon Elliott is a singer/songwriter based out of Richmond, VA. Through writing and playing music for many years, Landon has honed his original works for the public ear. Landon combines his country roots, singer/songwriter melodies, and rock preference with the eclectic styles of 'the Goods' into songs about growing through relationships, the daily grind, transitions, and the search for meaning. ... more

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Track Name: Dagger
adding to our history in graffiti town
building up an empire worth burning down
those snakes under the overpass welcome in
every poor broken bastard into skyline grips

I married my lady down in caroline
we moved by the winds of a nor'east tide
the interstate left the stars behind
we sold a million diamonds for neon lights

Men in the city don't know my name
Girls in the evening don't know my game
My swagger was dead when I turned 19
My woman was a dagger, she cut open me

coverin' up a mystery in graffiti town
I-95 is a but burial ground
down by the murals and southbound train
there's a ghost by the canal he haunts my brain

those wolves in suits and shiny cars
Humble my pride but break my heart
They don't know who they love or who they'll be
cause not all ever afters end happily
Track Name: Black Veins
here comes that train
where does it start, where does it end
out of this place,
whether the gates of hell or nazareth,
I think I'll board and get the
hell out of this town
my wanderlust is craving hard

if I were to
stack bricks without the mortar
would it stand on love alone or would it
crumble down into a heap of rubble in
this troubled town
oh, compass rose come take me home

black veins
those country roads
the mountain pass
the valley low
red rock or green seas
where is our home
supposed to be

the freaks and geeks
come out in the summertime
in city square where lights are dim but stars are
in the air the beat is strong our bodies sway the wind
we dance along, we move as one

I met a man under the railroad crossing
he told me "son, I've seen the world above the clouds"
his voice was God's
for me inside that moment
he told me "home is always where your heart remains"
Track Name: Of Sirens and Angels
her name was Catherine
and she was my first real love
standing inches above me
in her mother's makeup
playground kisses
we showed off our pieces there
laughing but both so scared
oh, the mystery

salty sweet
the summer's kiss
jigsaw nights
and backseat trips
those memories
our fickle songs
of sirens and angles

teenage drinking
stars in our cups and eyes
lust in our wrinkled smiles
sun drunk lovers
screens and angles
growing up way too fast
wondering if love will last
or leave with the morning

20 years later
I've chosen my true love
cause running around only holds
the unholiest lonely
now we have a family
and I want a legacy
my manifesto to read
how love held the balance
Track Name: Machine
another day, another dollar
another chance to get yourself out of bed
make a change, grind it out
or fall back in line

move quick, too slow, try again
take another hit, take another shot
pull the bullet out and chew it up

spit it out on the sidewalk
that takes a beating like you,
cracks like you, breaks like you

the impact shakes through bedrock
feels like your heart stops
you take another hit, another shot

you fall in bed again
The cycle never ends
Live easy when we're dead
No steam, lost dreams.

You get stuck in the machine
Teeth are digging in
Push you forward
Push you down
Get back up on your feet
Track Name: the Wildflowers
take me down to the valley low
down where the wildflowers grow
tell a story or three, have a drink on me
Take me down where the wildflowers grow

take me up to the mountains high
to taste the indigo sky
feel the winter's breeze leave us in spring
take me up to the indigo sky

take me back to where we began
that night I first held your hand
when our futures met, our souls were set
oh, the night I first held your hand

take me to judgement day
the day when our souls leave our graves
where it's you and me, eternally
take me to when our souls leave our graves